The Brand

Heavenly Cuisine Custom Catering began as a small catering venture in 2004. At an early event, Chef Mark met Erma, a lively, beautiful woman of some 80+ years. In the moments they spoke, Erma told Mark: “Your food is just heavenly! When I die, I want you to cater my wake.” They laughed at the thought, though she insisted she was serious.

All too soon, Mark received an unexpected call from Erma ’s daughter, relating that she had, in fact, passed away. Erma’s daughter shared the the promise that she’d made to her mother; that Mark would cater her wake. Naturally, Mark obliged. To honor Erma’s memory, he named his company “Heavenly Catering” and did a good bit of business.

Then came 2011 and the world changed. The economic crisis caused by the collapse of the housing and financial markets rolled into Pittsburgh. Suddenly, businesses and organizations that had previously hosted regular catered events had scaled back. Events got smaller. People started looking for cheaper catering solutions and they found them everywhere — at the expense of quality. Staying true to his roots and his philosophy of providing great food at a fair price to people who love to eat, Mark partnered with a Pittsburgh-based firm to re-brand his company. The new brand message would underscore luxury, quality, and the customization he’d built into his product. The new name “Heavenly Cuisine Custom Catering” best describes the quality of the food mark prepares, while also distinguishing himself from other caterers, as he customizes every event’s menu.