The Company

Heavenly Cuisine Custom Catering maintains a high standard for what “excellence” means. If each guest doesn’t love the food we make and serve, we’ve missed something. It’s not enough to give people what they want; we measure our success by how well we’ve exceeded our guests’ expectations. And we ask them. Then, we listen.

We hope our guests leave an event remembering more than just great food and service. After all, that should be expected, right? Every catering company does that, right? We work hard to ensure that our guests leave happy and fulfilled, but we want them to also take away great memories of sharing a wonderful experience with people they love. Many of our most powerful memories involve great meals with those we love. We can remember exactly where we were, whowe were with, and even what the food we ate looked like, smelled like, and tasted like. This is a natural function of our biology; to remember the good and the bad; to learn what we like and to seek more of it, while avoiding those things that we don’t like.

At Heavenly Cuisine, we work with fresh ingredients, prepare them artfully, present them impeccably so that it can be enjoyed as more than mere sustenance; food should be savored and experienced; nourishment for the soul, as well as for the body. This is cuisine and it’s about more than food; it’s about love. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that we’ve fed someone and communicated our passion for good, fresh, wholesome food, prepared with love and served with kindness. It’s our mission to enable more people to love to eat.